Email out of control? Productivity need a boost? Overwhelmed by leadership decisions? 


Educational Workshop & Luncheon

Friday, November 15, 2019
Holiday Inn & Suites -Jefferson City
1590 Jefferson St., Jefferson City, MO 65109

8:00—11:30 am Workshops
11:30 am—1:00 pm Luncheon


Let MSAE help you get a handle on productivity with these special workshops!

Educational Combo Program with Randy Dean, MBA
Taming the Email Beast AND Moving from Distracted to Productive

In this special workshop program by Randy Dean, MBA, The Email Sanity Expert®, Randy will share strategies from two of his most popular programs: Taming the Email Beast, and From Distracted to Productive: Finding Your Focus in a Hyper-Interrupted, e-Distracted World. The first segment of the program will primarily focus on email and other office input processing and efficiency. Randy will share an “email triage” technique that will greatly reduce the number of times you are looking at emails while helping you also better find the most important and urgent messages.

After a short break, Randy will then focus on the many interruptions and e-distractions causing you to lose focus and productivity: in-office interruptions, phone calls, texts and more. We’ll discuss what clutters your life (smart phones, computers, etc.) and focus on true productivity tools. Randy is known for changing the way people look at the work and interruptions, so we’re excited to host these workshops!

Lunch Workshop with Julie Lawson, MA, Executive Director of MSAE
Leadership Productivity: Leading without Distraction

In a special short workshop, MSAE’s Executive Director and Leadership Coach Julie Lawson will help us utilize tools to identify and eliminate distractions from our leadership goals and practices. She will help us unclutter our minds to lead with what’s most important!